Garden State Sheep and Wool

This Saturday, Sept. 12th, is the Garden State Sheep and Wool festival, not far from Lambertville, NJ. Is anyone planning on stopping by? I plan to be there, so feel free to say hello and knit a bit!


QueerJoe's picture

I usually go and drag my partner there for an hour or two. Since I was just away all this weekend at a knitting retreat in Seattle, I'm not sure if he'll be all the excited about going, but I'll try and drag him there.

Will you be at a booth or just walking around?

WillyG's picture

Yay! I was hoping you might be going. I'll just be walking around. This will be my first time there. I do wish your partner would bring some of that peach-nectarine pie!

Aaronknits's picture

If there's going to be peach-nectarine pie I might just skip the fundraiser event I'm supposed to go to on Saturday and come down to Jersey instead!!!

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Alright, so I'm still sitting at home. The ladies who talked it all up and were going to be my ride wimped out because of a little drizzle. This would never happen at Rhinebeck! anyways, I still like them; I'm only sad I don't have a car at this point.