Question reading a pattern - Knitting With Balls wallet

Maybe I'm just not getting it... I did after all get a CAPTCHA addition problem wrong earlier :-).

I have two questions about the following from Michael del Vecchio's wallet in "Knitting With Balls".

" in pattern for 3.5", ending on a WS row. Purl 4 rows. Begin on WS row, continue in pattern..."

Here are my two questions:

1) If I end on a WS row and purl 4 rows (RS, WS, RS, WS) don't I then have to begin on a RS row? Does "ending on a WS row" really mean work a RS row and be ready to work a WS row?

2) Why purl 4 rows? Why not just knit 4 rows?

Thanks guys!!



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This "begin on wrong side row" refers, I believe, with the pattern WS.

As to the 4 rows, this is garter stitch as envisioned from the WS. I suspect the designer was writing from the relative perspective, not the absolute so as not to confuse. Got it straight, now?

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In looking at the book, I think there's a typo. It's basically telling you to knit the billfold, and the 4 purl rows (why? I don't know either) are going to make the bottom fold of the billfold. I think you should end on a WS row, Purl 4 rows, but start on a RS row, continue for 3.5", ending again on a WS row.

To be sure, you may also check out the publishers site for any addendum or corrections made after printing.

Good luck!

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I guess I really shouldn't worry about it. I know what it's going for and I know what it's supposed to look like. I know enough about knitting by now to just plow through and do it the way I imagine it. Thanks!


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I had a similar issue with the mitts in that book...I just fudged it as I figured it was meant to be. Back then, I didn't have a computer to check for errata. :)

I've also gotten a few of the CAPTCHA questions "wrong" lately. Apparently I'm not adding 3+1 correctly. Haha.

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I'm with NYB: you'll end on row 2 of the pattern stitch, purl 4 rows, and then begin on row 2 (or wrong side row) of the pattern stitch.

This looks like one of those patterns where sometimes it's best to follow along blindly and work out the reasoning during construction. Not my preferable method of knitting, but since it's such a small project I would throw caution to the wind and see what happens. If it turned out, fine, if not, well who's to know...?

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I made the pattern a few years ago and, while I have to admit that I don't remember it specifically, I think I simply followed the pattern...

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