I need help from a size S guy

Hey - I want to knit a sweater for a good friend for his 40th, but there will be no sneaking into his closet and measuring a favorite sweater since he's busy packing up to move.

Anybody out there 5'8", 145, with a size 29 or 30 waist who could give me some good measurements to work with? I'm going to knit a top-down raglan sweater, so I'm particularly interested in chest and sleeve length measurements. Once I get it made, I can make some adjustments with him, but I really want to surprise him and not ask him directly for his measurements.

Jonathan in DC


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I used to be that guy...... now I'm FAT!

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That sounds like me - but my arms are very long, so you'd probably have to adjust sleeve length. It seems that wouldn't problem, though, so feel free to PM me!


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Hey - that IS me. I don't know how to get you there but if you can go see "my first raglan sweater" on Ravelry, (BobsWay) it's great. I wear it all the time. I ribbed the sleeves and regular stocking stitch the body. For this friend (like myself) shorten the length of any pattern and lengthen the sleeves and make the neck tighter. Slim body = slim neck line.

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Hey, I found it! Very nice! And thanks for your note both here and on your Ravelry site about the neck size. I've given my friend Brian store bought size small sweaters before and noticed that his neck kinda swam in the neck opening, so I'll pay attention to that. Thanks again!

Think less, enjoy it more.

5'9", 150# here, but 29-30 waist? Come on! My suit coat is 38R.

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Yeah, I know. He has trouble finding adult belts that fit him.

Think less, enjoy it more.

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Those are exactly my stats. I think if you make the body of your sweater about 18 or 19 inches across one side (that's 36 to 38 inches around) and the sleeves about 18 inches long, you will be good to go. From the armpits to the waist, it should be about 16 or 17 inches. You can subtract a few inches from the around the body measurement if you want it to be a tighter fit... I just finished a sweater with the measurements I gave you, and I love how it fits. Roomy but not huge. Very comfy.


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Fabulous, Thomas, thanks!

Think less, enjoy it more.