Interchangeable knit picks needles

Anyone using them do you like them, how are the joins. . .

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As far as knitting with them, fine. But there seem to be a certain pergentage that lose their cables. Mine haven't - bgut I've heard people complain.

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My mom bought me a set of the Harmony interc and I love them. The joins are smooth and tight for me. I have heard, like MMario, that some people lose their cables, but that seems to mostly be on slightly older sets, perhaps they have fixed it. I know that with the amount of threading there is that if they start to come loose you will know it long before they fall off and if you use the key to tighten the tip then you should not have any problem. The needles themselves are nice, even the harmony (wood) are smooth and slick enough that I can knit quickly but not so slick that anything just slips off. I use them almost exclusively now, I love the tips, nice and sharp...

ETA.. guess you did ask specifically about the cables and I forgot to mention them... they are super flexible, great for ML, very very smooth joins.

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I have a set of the Harmony interchangeables. I really like them, the cables are very flexible, and they have super sharp points. I have had no problems with the cables.

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I love them!
...have all three types...lost the cable on my Harmonies while I was in the hospital knitting...couldn't re-glue them...but swapped them for another cable when I got home.

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Another thing about them, KnitPicks is Awesome about replacing anything that is not right. I had one needle in size 4 that did not fit the threads and they immediately sent me out a new pair. if your cables come undone at the metal join they will send replacements.

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I have a handful of harmonies... Love them. Had to have one DPN replaced (it split - but they replaced it quickly!) and have had to reglue one of the interchangables but the joins are smooth and tight (as long as you use the little tool).

The ONLY drawback is that one of the people I've let borrow them said she had trouble knitting with dark yarn... there wasn't enough contrast. I'd recommend them to anyone though!

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I have the harmonies, like them but the color is hard with dark yarns, i also use a piece of that knobby shelf liner to help tighten them. i have found the points are very pointy

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I have the nickle plated ones, and like them a lot. The silver colour seems to work well with everything. The cables are the best I've ever used.. and very soft and flexible. They don't curl up and stay that way like others do. I use them for Magic Loop without problems. The points are good.. I haven't noticed them one way or the other.

I don't understand why people keep losing their cables. How does that happen? Do you mean they come loose? Or that you can't find them? I haven't used that little tightening tool, and do find that they tend to unscrew after turning several back and forth rows, but that is no problem to just tighten up again. I have no complaints with them at all.

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after many uses...the cable came out of the metal screw part...I thought I could glue it back...but couldn't get it into the hole again...
...haven't called for a replacement yet...

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I love my knit picks. The joins really are smooth and the cable is "kink" free not matter how badly you treat them.... and I have been know to get a little rough from time to time.
They are light and easy to use.... can be a bit slippery if you are doing something really complex or a pile of tricky stitches in a row... but you soon get used to it. (I can have the same problem with any new stitches that I am learning so I can't blame the tools now can I?)

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It is *possible* to put a kink into the cables - but you really have to abuse them to do so.

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I find the points of the nickle plated needles too sharp- I keep breaking the skin on my fingers. Another problem for me is that the overhead lamp I use while knitting reflects off the needles into my eyes and is quite annoying.
My favorite needles are KA bamboo needles; the needle swivels on the cable at the connector like a fishing lure swivels on the line- this eliminates kinking, and the bamboo is smooth, soft and warm to the touch, very pleasant to knit with.

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I bought a tarnishing chemical for nickel from a model train supplier...and "antiqued" my first set of Options... but find my eyes have gotten used to the shininess of my newer set of Options...

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Great idea- thanks Bill!

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Only have one pair of the KA Bamboos. #1 - 13 inch - for Magic Loop socks. Very nice to work with. I had the needle come loose but a little bit of Krazy Glue put everything to rights. Magic Loop may not be my favorite method, but these needles make it bearable. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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Run... Don't walk and buy them. I love mine. I have the wood and the metal. I like the metal better, especially on the smaller sizes. I feel like the 0-3 size could break with my massively stong Incredible Hulk green hands. :) I don't have to worry about that on the metal needles. I haven't tried the acrylic needles so I know nothing of those. The metal needles are very slick. I like slick and I like sharp. These are the needles for me. If you use your finger to push on the point of the needle to move your knitting to the tip, you should not use these needles or find a better way of moving up your knitting on the end of the needles. These needles are sharp and they will put a hole in your finger quick. The wood needles are sharper than the metal needles.


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Wow... I might have to seriously consider getting some. I've been using my set of Denise interchangeable for years - I really love them but I feel I might be missing out on something?


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I love my set of Options. I got them right when they came out and use them almost exclusively, the exception being bamboo DPNs on occasion. My set is around three years old and a few of the joins on the cables themselves, where the cable meets the end with the threads, have started to loosen a little. I just contacted Knit Picks and they are going to replace all of my cables that are having that issue at no charge. And that's on an item with a one year warranty. Great of them to do so. And this will ensure my continued business with them. I'd definitely recommend!

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I have the Harmony and Zephyr sets with one pair of Nickel-plated.
What everyone's already said about the metal and wood ones. I've also come to like the Zephyrs because they really let me enjoy painted yarns with a whole new aspect...through the needle. I think my dearest moments with the colors of the yarn is right when it's on the needles. I did have a time getting used to the feel of them against the wool; the Zephyrs are the stickiest of the needles. Now I kinda 'oil' them up with my fingers.

I now use a set of Denise, and I really like them; but the Knit Picks looked nice. My only concern was a problem that I had with my first set of Boye's. They kept wanting to unscrew. I thought, in part, the problem was because they're bent at the point where they join. But, I even have problems with my Denise popping off, and that's me, if I let them twist too much. Has anyone noticed this tendency with the Knit Picks to unscrew? Or, when you tighten them they grab the yarn?