Cast Aluminum Yarn Bowls

I just posted on my etsy site the first set of my cast aluminum yarn bowls - they're offered in 4 colors this time...

here's a link to my blog post showing the slide show of the pieces:

I look forward to hearing your thoughts :)



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wanna get together and knit this weekend

all i know of love, is love is all there is

we put birds on things

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The bowls are absolutely gorgeous, but I still feel that the lack of a cover is a limitation. I knit with my yarn cake(s) in rubbermaid buckets. These are on the floor rather than on a table beside me. For stranded knitting I would need tables on either side of my chair, and that's just not workable. I'm accustomed to my yarn coming up to me, rather than from the sides. Thus, from this perspective the bowls would not work since the yarn would slide up the slit unless I used the clip you have shown, but I feel that the presence of the clip on such a beautiful piece is rather jarring. I offer this in a spirit of constructive good faith; let me repeat: the bowls are gorgeous.

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I hear you and agree but a lid could get knocked off if someone passionately yanks the yarn... the clip works super well - I tested it :) - and while I understand the thought that it might be jarring, I sort of like it... the bowl is a tool when it's being used - and I might come up with another idea to replace the clip... but for now I think it's the best solution without making the bowls way more expensive... This type of bowl might not be the best fit for stranded knitting... it's usually something someone might use with socks or finer yarns... even DK or aran weight yarn works well - as long as the yarn is balled smaller... I use mine as the ball gets smaller and starts to act up... as you have the bowl and work with it, you learn how it works well for you specifically (just like any other tool)

you could flip the bowl upside down on a counter if you like... it would work really well that way as well. The next set of these will have the slit cut at an angle and that should help with the yarn pulling out of the bowl... from those who have tested it, they have all loved it... and there are a few people who just do'nt understand the idea - they prefer their plastic bins or bags or whatever... and that's totally fine too :) - but for those who are looking for an heirloom bowl to use and cherish for their lifetime, then possibly pass it to another knitter so that they can continue the tradition, this is the perfect item :)

thanks for the comments -




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They are absolutely beautiful and I really want one. Any thought about doing some sort of "s" shaped curve at the bottom to hold the yarn in. I'm picturing something like an upside down "p trap" type of shape. I do hope you plan to make more!! I don't see any more of the sage ones...


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the sage one is still there... I renamed the color to mineral / rust instead of sage / pumpkin --

but there's only one of those left...

yes, I'll be making more... the next series will have a slanted slot - might be able to do a curved slot like you're suggesting down the road :)... maybe.



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I agree with Albert...they are gorgeous! Are they meant to be placed upside-down at all? I guess that would require a matching plate underneath to keep the yarn happy and clean. Especially on my floor. *cough*

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YAY! I got one! Can't have too many yarn accessories.