Scarf Pattern

I remember when I first found this site I saw a pattern for a knit scarf with slipped stitches that when finished it is short but is then pulled from either end for length. I have been unable to locate this pattern and would love to make something like this for Christmas gifts for my wife and mother. Please help!

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I have this pattern printed out at home if I find it i will post the link here. I will look tonight (I saw it recently, but in my house my project sheets are always at a slow boil rising to the top to be considered and then let go, some get started some do not)

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There are these directions which were from the KNITLIST years and years ago....

First make a swatch. I used DK and a no 11 pair of needles. Using the figures from
your swatch, cast on the number of stitches you calculate you'll need for the scarf
width and then add on another half of that number. Number must be an ODD one.
knit 180 rows of (K. 1 row, P. 1 row) The bind off row is done in a different
manner than normal. Knit first stitch by wrapping yarn twice round needle, drop next
stitch.** Knit next stitch with double wrap. Pull stitch already on needle over just
knitted stitch, drop next stitch** Repeat from ** to ** all across row. Finish with
knitting a stitch without double wrap, pull previous stitch over, pull yarn through and
cut off. This looks like a fat short rectangle. But now, pull down all the dropped
stitches. Take both ends of scarf in hand and pull, or get someone else to help you do
so. If you wish, add tassel or fringe, or fancy trim to ends.

For machine knitters.
Cast on from 30 left to 31 right. Work 180 rows, tension about 5 or 6.Push back
every 2nd needle dropping stitches.
Bind off with crochet cast off and crochet 1 stitch in place of dropped
stitches. Remove from machine, pull as above.

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I once made a scarf similar to this called "A Pull Scarf". It was knit in the round. Cast on an even number of stitches. Knit 6 rounds depending on weight used. On 7th round k1 ,M1 and repeat all the way around. Knit approx 12 inches from M1 round or longer for a longer scarf. Next round, k1 drop 1(this will be your M1 from round7) continue around in same manner ie k1 drop1. Knit 5 rounds straight and cast off. Then start pulling on scarf and it will more than double in length and you can fringe the ends or do any sort of finishing you desire.

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It was often referred to as the "Magic Scarf" pattern:

Here's one link to one of a number of patterns: