Sock Wars

Will any of you be participating in the Sock Wars over at Yarn Monkey's site?  It looks pretty fun.  A sock knitting game of speed, intrigue and, uh, 'death.'  I think I may do it.  I'm not the fastest knitter, but in the end everyone ends up with a pair of socks anyway.  Check it out and see what you think!


That sounds like such a HOOT!  I'd love to do it but I'd be dead within 4 days.  I've got so many projects going on right now that I'm just overloaded.  I hate that!  But, I'm not complaining . . . I like my big wooden bowl filled with projects.  Keeps me entertained.

Alles Beste!

~Mike in Tampa 

~Der Gefährliche Schal-Stricker

Yahoo Id: stickywarp2001

First Time = A Mistake

2nd Time = A Mistake

3rd Time = A Pattern!