a possible group project?

might this be a project we could all help with?
(...there is a free pattern offered...but I can't find it or the yardage...so I guess that info comes when you order the yarn.)
Help to Support Our Troops with our FREE Pattern
...and help us collect 1,000 helmet liners.

Help support our troops overseas, and help us to collect 1,000 helmetliners!
Helmetliners MUST be knit and yarns used MUST be either Galway, Cascade 220 or Nature Spun Worsted and only in Black, Charcoal or Dark Brown colors.
We cannot accept helmetliners with any other yarn or light colors.

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sounds interesting. they used to do this long ago. You think they would be done in superwash...but it doesn't say anything about that.

I made 2 dozen at the begining of the year, the Helmut liners have to be 100% wool, because, IT will not burn or adhere to the skin, such as any type of acrylic would. They are very easy and fun to make. I have also made them as gifts for my friends that are outdoorsmen.

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Wow, I knit several of these years ago, it's amazing how long the war has been going on. :-( I'm not too enamoured with this, "free pattern with yarn purchase" offer on a charity knit. The pattern and where the finished helmet liners need to go is readily available. It's a nice touch that they're donating an undisclosed portion of the yarn proceeds to the Citizen Sam organization but ... feel free to glean your own thoughts. Bill, here's the pattern and yardage requirements.


Bob, on "about.com", the required yarn list is far less strict than the Patternworks website lists. It appears that superwash in the right color is just fine as long as you get gauge.

"Cascade 220 or any soft wool yarn that will knit to gauge. Approx. 175 yards (5 hanks of 220 will make 6 hats). Colors allowed by the military are black, charcoal, brown, tan, olive drab."

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Thank you!
I think our Monday Night Knit group might get involved...and it's much nicer to be able to use our stash...or buy from our LYS...
I got Superwash Cascade 220 from Imagiknits...(although I don't think the red I got would be OK with the military...LOL)

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I might be an old stick-in-the-mud, but I always ask "who stands to profit by this endeavour?" Follow the money.. there is your answer.

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My hope is that our troops will enjoy these.

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Hi Bill - it's a great project but I agree with others - not necessary to buy the yarn from them so that some proceeds go to an organization. The Denver Public Library had a huge "Knitting for Our Troops" knit-along last year. Not a helmet liner but could be an option for your group. The info and free pattern are here. Have fun!!


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Many thanks!
I've printed it out...and will compare with the other pattern from "knitguyla".