Endless green

Take two brownsheep lambspride worsted, and one aracana magellanes in green, do a checkerboard with a garter border, switching yarns each row and knit until the first skein runs out. Approx 11 feet long and not as soft as I'd like. I'll try washing it in some hair conditioner and seeing if that helps. Actually, I have other fun plans for this (get your minds out of the gutter)...Wait and see.

Photos are fresh off the needles...Obviously not been blocked yet.

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Very nice, I like the color combo. I am finishing a lap blanket with the basket weave pattern and seed stitch boarder.
Have you tried using liquid downy fabric softener? I have used that on some really coarse wool and it softened it quite a lot.

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Wow, 11' long!!!!!! I want to see you wearing it. lol

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Nice color and pattern. 11 feet long....you can use it for your centerfold layout., it should drape nicely...lol.

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Very nice scarf. I admire anyone that can knit an eleven foot scarf. Wow.

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I bow down to you for staying through to the end of an 11 foot scarf. (In a pattern, no less!) My personal best was about 6 feet. In garter stitch so all I had to do was knit away. Thank goodness I could read at the same time to help preserve my sanity. (What little remains.) Like the others, I'm curious about the fate of this project. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I know it is rather pricey, but I have found Nexxus Kera-phixx (conditioner) to be an awesome softener for wool that wasn't quite as soft as I thought that it should be. I also find this conditioner to be very "light" as opposed to some conditioners that feel fatty and greasy to me. It is awesome for the human hair and works wonders on wool.