Joe Supported My Yarn Habit

A while back, Joe-in-Wyoming recommended a shop in Casper that he frequents. Today, I went to that yarn shop he recommended. The Dancing Sheep Yarn and Fiber store is a very nice store. When I first stepped into the store, I was a bit disappointed in the lack of yarn in the store. I don't know why I must think a yarn shop must have yarn from floor to ceiling but I do. However, once I got in there and looking around, OMG, it is a yarngazum store!!!

I meandered down one side looking at all the fiber. I was very impressed that the selection of fiber. She (I have forgot her name, Charlotte?) has a very nice selection of great quality fiber that impressed me. Moreover, she had local hand spun fibers that I just adored. I bought two hanks of the stuff made in Riverton by Colleen Jennings. The name sounds very familiar from when I raise sheep as a kid or when I worked for the Ag Newspaper here in the state. Anyway, I have to say, the fiber is very nice. I am a bit disappointed in the dye job as there is a spot of brown in one hank of yarn. Evidently, I wasn't looking at the fiber that close. DOH, but I think I can work with it and make something out of it.

The last three hanks I purchased, are a wool/camel blend. This yarn benefited the snow leopard project. I almost missed this find. It is a beautiful blend and should make a lovely scarf or hat or something. I don't know what I have planned for it yet.

Last, I found some Addi-Crochet Hooks, sizes F, G, H. I can't wait to try these hooks. A lady was passing by and said it was nice that there are guys that are into needlecraft these days. They make beautiful stuff. I just said, I love the therapy it offers. Anyway, the hooks are a bit bigger round in the barrel than I am used to, but I think they will have a better grip. We will see on that one.

The owner, at least I think it was the owner, and I had a nice chat. She also used to be a paralegal and we got to chatting about lawyers and working and dealing with them. Very nice lady, not really the chatty type, but more of the lets oogle the wool and chat about life and stuff that doesn't mean anything in general... I would go back to this store for a knitalong or something like that. Or take classes.

Anyway, I must thank Joe for sharing where he buys his yarn. I have to say, it is interesting visiting the family Wyoming. The lady in the store knew Joe and I said that he recommended the place to me via the internet and the MWK site. I am sure Joe will get some feedback. Of course, I did spend a good deal of cash in the store, so I am sure the person will remember to chat with him.


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Well, it is still a square state, but the yarn shop owner is still progressive. Sigh... one of the reasons I moved to the other square state. BTW, I do like your blog.

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Yes, the times they are a-changing...slowly and surely. People are more accepting than they were in my youth but we still have the reactionaries who have to be dragged forward, kicking and screaming. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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I moved away from Casper over 20 years ago too. I did visit briefly a couple of months ago but missed yarn shopping. People are much more accepting there now than they were when I lived there.
If I want to see any family, I have to go back there because they won't come to NYC. :-)

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My goodness, Brady...spare me my blushes. Still, thank you for the kind words. I am so glad you made it into Charlotte's shop. She does have a good selection of yarns and I have to put blinders on whenever I go in. [And a padlock on my wallet.] I really am tempted by the Snow Leopard Project yarn and hope you share your thoughts about it when working on a project. I know Colleen Jennings (although we've lost touch over the years) and she is a grand spinner. Too bad about the uneven dye's hoping you don't have to lose much yarn when you crochet it up. Charlotte was a paralegal - I just found out recently - and seems pretty accepting of us Gay men. Good atmosphere and a fun place to just visit and craft. Next time any of you are in Casper, let me know with a few days notice and I'll try to meet up for a glass of tea. BTW, let me know what you think of the Addi crochet hooks...I don't crochet often but wouldn't mind recommending them if the situation arises. I really like their knitting needles. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.