RIP Noro Scarf

Dear all,

I was working in Glasgow last week and lost my Noro scarf and felt I needed to share the tragedy with some understandees. I dropped it in the hotel on the way back to my room and it never made it's way to lost property - nor did the lady at front desk understand my state over the loss of a sarf. You see, it was the first thing I made for myself...with Noro wool I bought in America before it was available over had kept me an Al company on the long drive from Orkney to London...had seen the sites of Venice with us.

It made me ponder how attached we get to what we knit - and I'm contemplating knitting another one - but it won't be the same. Let's hope whoever took a liking to it REALLY loves it as much as I did.


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You have my deepest sympathy, David. I had a similar thing happen with a really nice cashmere scarf that a friend gave me...lost it on the street while shopping and never found it. I consoled myself with the same hope that whoever found it liked it as much as I did. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

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My first handspun scarf... seen on my ravelry page (Badger). I was in the Gay 90's...a huge gay bar in MPLS, and realized that I had dropped my scarf...I went to the coatcheck and told the (rather nasty old) lady behind the desk that I had dropped my scarf and proceeded to describe it. She said that a drag queen had handed in such a scarf to put with her stuff. I got VERY VERY VERY ANGRY and proceeded to describe the garment and how it was knit, and how long it was. Eventually, she believed me and handed it back over. I very much wanted to know which dragqueen hand put it with her things, but she wouldn't say. Needless to say, there almost was a punched out dragqueen at the Gay 90's that night, but I still have my scarf. I'm sorry for your loss. I seem to lose dance shoes at hotels during competitions: I have 3 unmatched shoes at home right now.

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That "Gay 90's" complex was amazing!
...and the big drag showroom was spectacular...
I'm very glad you got your scarf back...did it have sequins on it?

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I'm gonna pretend you didn't ask about sequins...

Ironically, it's a slightly rough lincoln wool. I love it cause it's wearing like iron and has a very satisfying scrunchiness to it. You'd have to see it on ravelry: it's hardly fancy.

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Wait...there is an icecream parlor in Roseburg (Oregon) that is called the Gay '90's. The mean the 1890's, but still when my friends and I ate there (must have been 10-11 years ago) we thought it was funny as hell. We expected a gay bar...we got fake old paintings and bad molding.

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dancing shoes??!!! Is there anything you haven't turned your hand (feet) to???
Greetings from a very chilly UK

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I've never tried natural childbirth...

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I remember reading once about a Zen monk novice who was required to spend a year fashioning perfect little origami birds. At the end of the year he was made to burn them. We do become attached to things.

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David - so sorry to hear that!! That's awful... I have luckily never lost anything. Matt left the hat I knit for him in Iceland (the one he's wearing in my profile pic with the Greek Key pattern)... we both hope that someone is wearing it and actually, I hope it remains in Iceland. I like to think that something I've created is living in Iceland. I agree with Albert's post... think of it in a Zen and begin on another one. It's like the beautiful colorful sand paintings that the monks create over a period of days only to have to sweep it all away when they're done. :-) Greetings from a very chilly Denver!!