Just Another Day In Jaiadise....

I just found this group recently...well more like a few weeks ago and never logged in until now..I know my bad but still anywho..Lets see...I'm 32 "married" (not legal but good enough for us in our heads) to a wonderful country boy. We have 2 dogs Ed (Creamer) and Sasha (Sashika). I enjoy reading, knitting. movies, hanging out with friends, guys knit night (go knit roosters yay), and sometimes my job at Books a Million..lol
I've only been knitting since Septemberish, used to be a hooker but found that I uber love knitting. I've only made a few things; Scarves, wrist warmers etc. Now I'm obsessed with washcloths with pictures in the middle, and shawls for some reason. I've suprisingly never made a hat lol. I love straight, wooden size 7 needles though. It seems like everything I make ends up being on those for some reason.
That's all for now.


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Welcome to the site and I am looking forward to seeing some of your work. I just got engaged last Friday to the sweetest man I have ever meet. We plan on getting married in three years when I am 65 and get my drug prescriptions free lol (says he can't afford to put me on his plan rofl. Anyway like you we feel married in our heads.

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Welcome- hope to see some of your work. I'm currently in love with size 8 birch dpns, but I'm notoriously unfaithful.

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Welcome. I went through a phase where all my knitting seemed to involve #7 needles. Now, I am much more flexible but still find something very gratifying about designing items that call for them. One set of my favorite wooden needles is a pair of Black Walnut Brittany singlepoints that I bought way back when the company was first founded. Now that they are so collectible I don't take them out of the house! -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Well things have changed. Still with my partner. Ed our old girl passed this year. A few months later we got Yorgi.. another puggle but a boy. :) He's so short and round lol. and barely has doggie door clearance lol. Wer've also moved to Enid Ok where there is no LYS due to job issues but its so much more laid back thank goodness... I wish there were more male knitter in the area than just the two of us lol..