three needle cast off shoulders

Hi folks,

I've nearly finished a cardigan for myself (Nevis by Marie Wallin in one of the Rowan magazines) It's in rib with a cable panel up the front. I wanted to join the shoulders using the three-needle cast off method but wonder how this can work as there's a bit of shoulder shaping as follows:

Cast off 18 stitches at beginning of next row
Work 1 row
Cast off remaining 18 stitches

I've stopped just before this shaping

Any ideas gratefully received


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I've combined shoulder shaping and 3-needle cast off and it worked out well. Here's an idea what you could do:
1. Instead of casting off the first 18 stitches, work the whole row.
2. Work next row until there are 18 stitches left.
3. Wrap and turn. (If you don't wrap there will be a hole.)
4. Work the the remaining stitches.

Good luck!

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You need to do Short Rows, which is what Asplund has described for you. This is the method I use for all my shoulder shaping on sweaters so I can join them using the 3 needle bind off. I hate seaming and love the stability of the 3 needle bind off.

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Great suggestion. Yes, short rows are great when applied here!