"beautiful art made with knitting"

hey guys, i stumbled across this webpage while i was surfing around tonite. i have no idea who created this art, or what the parent site is for, but i thought the knitted items were great from an artistic standpoint. please be aware that the subject matter may not be suitable for children....



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I don't quite know how I feel about this.  I like the monkey on the banana boat.

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I've seen this site before. Cracks me up. Laughing

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A lot of the pieces look more like they were sewn fron knitted fabric and were not handknit handknit. Also, I doubt the artist used natural fibers, Don't you just hate rayon? 

I think "beautiful" may be a rather subjective term.

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The artist's name is Patricia Waller. http://www.patriciawaller.com/ 

I especially like the disability aids & the impaled bunny, but I'm a bit odd.