Gentle Reminder boys!

Hi guys!

I know I have been pretty quiet for the last few days, got my reasons, but going to do the clog chat tonight at 10pm eastern, which means 7pm pacific and who's on first???..... Lars will let me know. 

 And welcome to all the new guys out there!!!  You'll love it here.  Write me... I can tell you who to avoid! hmm


Warren's picture

Hey, how did the chat go?  I completely spaced out on it.  Oh well.

Aaronknits's picture

I'm sorry I missed it.  I had company right up until the time the chat was to start, and by the time they left, all I wanted to do was crash.  But if these chats do get scheduled regularly, there will certainly be another opportunity for me to participate.

The chat was fun, but you definitely can't knit clogs and chat at the same time.  Frown