So - what's the most exotic fiber you've worked with, either spinning or knitting.

I am often tempted to get som qiviut, possum, yak, bison, etc.

And some of the stranger fibers from habu - pineapple? stainless steel?

but I'm too much a New Englander by nature and nurture to spend the cash!

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I'm intrigued by some fibers and decided that I want to try Yak and Buffalo.  They are pricey, for sure, but t would be interesting to make a smaller project, like a scarf. I'm surprised at times to find out what is available and what has been used to knit with.  I will post my thoughts and experience if I do this one day.

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I keep spotting various yarns -
like this one:


evidently a baboo fiber - not artificial processed from bamboo.

or how about a wool stainless steel blend?


or copper and bamboo blend?


or here's one I haven't seen before...

fuzz from fiddlehead ferns mixed with silk


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WOW!!!  That is the most amazing site!

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i ran into a gal at a local craft show who had a sweater knitted from her beloved and deceased dog.....it made me shudder.  she had a little baby bonnet that she said was yarn made from the hair of her cat.   my cat, Birdie, is a marbled bengal and i reckon his fur could make an interesting coloured yarn but the whole idea of the process is just too creepy for me.  i did get a chance to sample some bamboo and it was slithery feeling but incredibly soft and light.....on the down side, it seem to seize up on the needles and it's priced outside my range since not even knitting will overcome my hoarding of books and ex-husbands.

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My fav was a yarn I made from Bison. Though the most fun I ever had was a scarf I made on a dare from glow in the dark plastic stretchy stuff (Normally used to make raver kids jewelry.) it was basically a tube top that worked pretty well. Did it as a mobius strip. To bad I never thought of taking pictures of it...

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I just bought some of the wool/stainless blend.
I haven't used it yet.

Planning on making the better half a sweater for when he rides his scooter, and I was thinking about using the Stainless to reinforce the elbows and shoulders.

I've knit up a test swatch - it doesn't really show.