I know what you knit last Christmas

Last minute, down to the wire, OMG, I'm FINALLY done with the Christmas scarves project I started in JULY. I had a great run until the semester began in September, finishing five of the six easily. But the last one didn't get started until three weeks ago and is only now (12/24/2009 15:38 EST) ready to be wrapped!!

It was a blast, though. Each scarf had something new for me in it, from over-dyeing mitred knitting to reversible cables. I'd do it again!

Merry Christmas, men.

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what a beautiful collection of scarves.

All of these are just beautiful. What great gifts.

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OMG, each and every one is exquisite!

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Beautiful! I especially like the first Dark Knight.

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Beautiful work!

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The Dark Knight 2 is fabulous!

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thanks for all the lovely comments. the scarves seemed to be a big hit with the family. each person opened hers/his and ooohed and aaahed appropriately. and they put them on and wore them, too!

now on to a bottom up (!!) sweater vest for my honey. and this one's not in secret so i can get his opinion on the size of the stripes and the fit. nice.

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Lovely bunch of scarves. No wonder they all oooohed and aaaahed. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.