Thanks for the inspiration and pattern!

Thanks to whomever it was on this group that asked the question about a "basket" stitch and also to whomever posted the pattern.

I took a look at the photo that you linked and then read the pattern that was posted and decided to quickly knit myself a scarf. Since I had spinal surgery last April my physical therapist has recommended I keep my neck warm in order to keep the muscles from spasming. So, I needed another scarf - my last one's dirty and I hate doing laundry.

So here's a picture of this one (and yes, Mmario, it's in the posing tree).

I knit it using about 285 (2.7 hanks) of Noro's Cashmere Island (60% wook, 30% cashmere, and 10% nylon). I did it similarly to Jared' Flood's Striped Noro scarf doing 4 rows of the pattern and then changing to the other hank on a US #6 size needle.

It flew off the needles and is very soft - a great Christmas gift to myself!

Merry Christmas to all - and I'll be posting more after the 1st of the Year.


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It has a tropical feel to it, like a Carribean coral reef- that would sure warm me up!

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The scarf looks great - I really like the look of this stitch and I was thinking about trying to use it for a sweater. I knitted a swath, and it took a lot of getting used to - it's not an easy stitch for me. The yarn i used has a variation in it that I think is supposed to make it look like handspun yarn - it gets thicker and thinner. It made an interesting texture.

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I love your rationale..."my scarf is dirty so I'll knit a new one."
I also love your model. Looks like he can use some warming up.

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OK- way too cool. I need that pattern, and now I can't find it! Would 'ya share it again?
Pretty pleez?

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Cast on an odd number.
Row 1: K2, ktbl of 2nd stitch (leave on needle), k 1st stitch slide both off, repeat to end knitting last stitch.
Row2: P2, P2nd stitch, P 1st stitch slide both off, repeat to end purling last stitch.



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The last couple of weeks I've run into this pattern several times on the needles. It looks like a very interesting pattern/texture. Your variation looks great. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.