Yarn Bowl Contest winner announced!

Congratulations, John Niegowski of Flint, MI - YOU are the winner of the polished Aluminum yarn bowl! Yes, it's true - thanks to your generosity and a little bit of luck (and the help of random.org to select the number) YOU, my friend, are the winner of the highly sought after polished aluminum yarn bowl!!!

I appreciate everyone's donations more than I can say - in total I received 21 donations totaling $174.92 as a result of this contest!!! - that money goes right to AIDS Project Los Angeles and they'll use it to provide essential care and services to those affected by HIV/AIDS!

Tomorrow, I'll be running 7 miles (a recovery run from last week's 14) and I can't wait to tell my fellow runners how generous all my friends in the knitting community were with this contest! THANK YOU to everyone who participated and took time out of their holiday schedule to play along. I plan to hold future contests to continue raising money for APLA and in hopes of reaching my fundraising goal of $5,000.00!

Happy Holidays, everyone!


murfpapa's picture

Thank you, Kyle, for your generosity in donating the bowl and for the opportunity to help support your efforts and the group it ultimately benefits. It's also the first thing I've won in a good many years and came as quite a surprise. Thanks again.