My First Handspun - or - Hooray for Learning!

I just couldn't wait for actual lessons with someone with experience. I have a good understanding of the concept of spinning, how a wheel works, flyer and bobbin assemblies, drafting, etc. so I wanted to play and here are the results! This is from some combed top that I picked up on Saturday. Not much to look at, and probably worse to actually try and knit with. It's awkward, over spun in parts (ya think!!!), under spun in others, and just right in a few places too. But I'm damned proud of it! I'm going to keep this, as is, as a reminder of where I started.

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That looks really good. Excellent for a 1st wheel and no lessons. Welcome to the world of spinning!19

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You operated your wheel without official sanctioning?!!! The Spinning Police are en route! By the way, some people pay big bucks for handspun yarn indistinguishable from your first effort. Spin on!

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It looks like something I would finger at the lys but not be able ot afford. Good job!!!

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Actually, it looks EXCELLENT!!!

I DO like working with this type anyway. It gives a really nice texture!

You might be well to even keep the skein at a single ply. If you're going to set the twist, you might as well keep it single. It's absolutely beautiful just as it is.

Are you SURE this is your first attempt?


Well done!


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Looks pretty good, Aaron. Setting the twist will eliminate some of the overspinning but, overall, it is nice yarn. Just think where you'll go with a bit more practice and experience. -- Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.

Books, knitting, cats, fountain pens...Life is Good.