Baby Items

Lily's Sweater

This is a sweater i designed for a friend of mine's baby girl, Lily. I used GGH Aspen white which i swear by a thousand times over. Really simple, if only i could convince myself to write down the patterns as i go along....

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Brown Teddy Bear

I made this teddy for my partner's niece - she's just turned three. It stands up nine inches tall, it's seven inches tall seated. Pattern is "Oliver" from Sandra Polley's "The Knitted Teddy Bear." I worked it with one strand of Lion Brand Suede and one brand of Lion Brand Tiffany (eyelash) held together, with the suede alone for the soles of the feet. Eyes and nose are stitched on with black wool. Arms and legs are thread-jointed, so it's poseable, although it's so pot-bellied it doesn't stand well without something to lean on.

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Sweet Pea Baby Sweater

Well, since I managed to figure out how to post pics, I'm going to post a couple. This was an Interweave pattern called Sweet Pea. The Yarn is Rowan Wool Cotton. The piece knit up fairly fast, but the pattern had some glitches. I do have a detail of the lace pannel taken when it was being blocked if anyone wants a closer look. A friend of mine asked me to make this for her of these days I will actually make something for myself.

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