So Totally Off-Topic

We need a place to not talk about knitting stuff, right? This is that place!

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Facebook group

Is anybody managing the facebook group?
I applied to join a while back and just realised that my application is still pending

new roof stinkapalooza

The building I work in is getting a new roof; the workers started putting hot tar on it today.

The office is completely stinkapalooza; smells like grandma's getting a bad home perm in here!

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Really off knitting topic.

I haven't post much of late as I (we) have been very busy. We, my partner and I, bought a house in Nova Scotia in the late winter or early spring depending where you live.

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Back home :(

Hello guys. Missed you all. Back home now after a lovely three weeks holiday travelling all over the UK. Got some caurrage to knit in public this time, was my train trip from Black Pool to Inverness, just figured out it is going to take me quite a long hours on train, though I had my lovely book with me "The Broker" but thought I would use sometime knitting as well.
Bought some wool and needles from Black Pool and used the trip to start a scarf. I will follow with some pictures soon.

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one more day

Guys I will miss you for the coming 18 days as I am travelling with my partner to England and Scotland. Unfortunately I wont be wearing my klilt this time :)

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I know I've asked before...

Hey guys I know I've asked you all to look at my blog before, but I think I've made some big if you like to cook...or just eat...check it out.

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My New Blog

Hey guys,
I'm taking a break from knitting and starting a cooking blog. I hope you guys will check it out and follow me.

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My husband and I are now legal in the District of Columbia, little bit by little bit we're getting there.

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WAY OT...kinda

Well, it's not knitting, but weaving...

Yeah, like my Scottish blood will have me take my hands off of the knitting needles only briefly to talk about weaving -- tartans, that is.

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I had today off work...

...and listened to Mahler's Fifth.

I miss Jason.