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How to recyle a sweater

Hi Everyone,

I discovered, sadly, that a couple sweaters that were in storage have been attacked by moths or something, and now have large enough holes in them that they are unwearable.

Are there ways to recycle either the wool yarn or the fabric?


About dresses

Anyone know the material of dresses?
they are not knit.
like the dress ,Cotton? Fiber? Chemical fiber?how to see it?
Cotton? Fiber? Chemical fiber?

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Does anyone have any experience with Merinomink?

Yesterday, while I was on the "T", aka the subway here in Boston, I was furiously working along on a sock. Another man interrupted me to chat about my knitting.

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ADVICE: Blocking acrylic?

OK, so I made this scarf of Red Heart Super Saver, all stockinette stitch, and it rolls up on itself something fierce.

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Fisherman's Wool

I'm looking to do a fisherman's sweater of some sort, perhaps a traditional gansey if I get ambitious enough, but maybe just a plain sweater to start. I've been looking into fisherman's wool by Lion.

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Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival

Hey guys, Wisconsin will be hosting the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival this month. So for those of you who will be nearby, it may be something to consider. I for one will be attending.

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Blacker Wool

Some of you may remember I was extolling the virtues of a wool shop in St Andrew's in Scotland earlier in the year.

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bulging stash


knitting with linen

I'm making a sweater out of louet 100% linen and I've learned that Linen knits up with a certain bias, due to the twisting of the yarn. Does anyone have any ideas for correcting this?

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Vacuum sealer

Hi Guys,

Have any of you tried using a vacuum sealer to store your yarn? Just wondering if this would be a good idea or if it could damage it.