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I'm heading to DC area this coming week for about 8 days. We'll be doing alot of typical touristy sightseeing, but would be nice to take a break and hit some LYS - Suggestions?? Many thanks.

255 stitches in 3 minutes !!!

Just saw a blurb on BBC - about the world's fastest knitter, a woman from Shetland, who knits 255 stitches in 3 minutes going to defend her crown this weekend in Minneapolis - at the Mall of America a

????What the....??

I just tried to access MenKnit.net and holymoly, what the hell happened there??? Hostile take over by adbots or what? Any one have the story?? Do tell.


HOW do you guys do such intricate work???

Falling Water Lace

This is the pic I started to post, thought I did, and probably sent it on a long voyage into a cyber black hole. This was the second shot at lace.

Posting pics

OK -if all turns out well, what's attached is a feather and fan lace scarf I finished a while back. This was the first go at lace and the first go at a scarf.

Posting pics

I finally got an image to upload, and, it's on the site, I think? Dunno. It's hell being a dinosaur!