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YF Preview 24

My Argyle is finally coming!

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What is the opposite of unravelried?

Because I have done it!

I have finally gotten into Ravelry! I have ravelried myself!

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Secrets of the Hood

The very first sweater I ever knit was a hoody. The hood wasn't bad, but it always hung incorrectly, even though it seemed like it was big enough.

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Rock Hudson

Beefcake, Closeted Actor, knitter!!

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Yarn Forward Previews

Pictures, purchase options....

(This post has been edited, I received word that the next pattern will be in issue #24, NOT #23!!!)

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Yarn Forward Covers...

Some commenters asked for pictures..... here is a foto of the magazine covers. I'll ask the editor to find out if I can post photos of the patterns....hopefully more to come soon!


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My Patterns in Yarn Forward

Hey Guys!
Long time no post, I know. I had all but given up on designing and hadn't touched the needles in over half a year...

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Ok I'll ask....

Whats up with all the shawls?!?

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Pesky knots...

Creating the second sleeve to my current project I came across a knot in my yarn....

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Back Panel Deco... do or don't?

This is something I've pondered for a while and it has come up again in my current project...