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Irregular Ribbed Scarf

How about this one for the guys huh?

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Knitscene Easy 2010

Hi guys, for all the beginning knitters out there, might want to try out Knitscene Easy 2010 that just hit the newstands. It's by Interweave Press.

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New Blog

Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys can take a look at my new blog design at:

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Stuff knitted with small needles

Currently projects on needles smaller than 3 US.

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Helical Raglan - Child's Design

Hey guys, check this out in Knitter's Magazine 98 Spring 2010. I have a new pattern in there for small children. Thank you.

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Man Panties KAL

Wouid this be more persuasive to you boys?

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After THREE long years - It's done


I had to blog right away because after 3 long years, it is finally off my needles!!! Since I don't really have the skill to take professional photographs anyways, I decided to take the pictures while it's blocking.

Pattern: Sampler Stole by Hazel Carter

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So, I have to ask....

This is a little off topic, but WHAT EXACTLY IS BEACHWEAR NOWADAYS?

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Final FO for 2009

Hi guys! My first 2010 post!! This is the last of my FO's for 2009 and it feels good finishing my "projects" and my regular projects and cleaning out the yarn room a little bit.

Here is the Cascading Petals Scarf from Runway Knits.

Pattern: Cascading Petal Scarf by Berta Karapetyan
Book: Runway Knits

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Shameless Promotion - New Hat - Knitter's Magazine Winter 2009

Finally folks, I write again! I present to you another hat! This was so fun to design and I personally think that Knitter's did a fantabulous job in showing it off!

See, I'm still here.....knitting away.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Pattern: Helical Hat by Kenny Chua
Magazine: Knitter's Magazine 97, Winter 2009