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Happy Birthday to Me!!

So, I know this is completely self-glorifying, but I feel like all of y'all are my friends! I've been on here for a while, and you have all helped me with a bunch, whether ya know it or not!

Damned love...

This has absolutely nothing to do with knitting, except for maybe that this is the single most hindering thing in my life now that's keeping me from it!

Turkey Day and Ebay Turkey day has been awesome!


I know this is grossly off topic, but I feel like I want to Show-and-Tell!

Custom Intarsia Designs

So, I've been really fascinated by graphic knits...especially after seeing the book by the same title. But how do you make your own, I thought. I think I have found an easy way...finally!

Etsy, anyone?

So I went to my second group of knitters this weekend (none were male, btw), and I heard about a delicious little site called

Sweater Progress

So I've been stitching away on this sweater, and it gets more and more gratifying! However, I've run into an issue that has me worried...if you can tell from the photo, the bottom edge of the sweater (where the boot-cut part is) has the annoying tendancy to curl upwards...I know that the whole of the sweater is done in St st and that just happens, but I purposely did the bottom edge in seed st to try to stop that. It may not even be a problem, but is that something that can be fixed in blocking? I've never blocked anything before (so be expecting an S.O.S.

And so it begins...

First off, this is my first ever blog. Ever. I know, right?