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I love youtube, sometimes I can surf there for hours. I learn some great things there but this.....

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OMG I'm going to be a grandma AGAIN!

I just found out today that my daughter is pregnant. I don't know how to knit baby things, don't they just knit themselves? aren't there little knitting elves or something?

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Well Hello Boys!

well I know it's been FOREVER since I have been around. I've been busy throwing lemons and boy are my arms tired! *rim shot*

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If Life Throws You Lemons......

Throw them back, only harder!

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Flight, Super Speed, X-ray Vision...

None of these powers will help me, I should have picked infertility!

Had a bit of time today and decided to come see you guys, and OMG! I've got some catching up to do!

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Happy Valentine's Day

Just wanted to say Happy V Day to you all. I hope the day is filled with love and kisses for every one of you.

Love you guys! *hug*


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Define Insane

Socks knit on a set of 0000 needles

I need a nap

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It's Official!!

I have knit a sock! woo hoo yay me! I'm sure there's a million mistakes, (I know of at least 2) and it's probably not the world's prettiest sock, but damnit I knit this baby!

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Eureka! Moment

So, I have been debating the whole ball winder dilemna, I didn't want to spend $50.00 on a winder, and I didn't want the super cheap winder either. Lightning struck, I had an idea!

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Ok so a change of plan

After repeatedly ripping out the sock I was working on and getting more and more discouraged, I decided to try a basic sock to boost my confidence a bit.