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F I N A L L Y !

I must shamefully admit that I *just now* finished the MWK Scarf Exchange for my (not so) Secret Spoliee!

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Modified New Zealand Wool??

A friend sent me the following link...

Ahh, progress...

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Straight Needle Mittens?

I got a call yesterday from a very dear, long time friend of the family (she attended my late father's first birthday party!). Jeanne is in her 80's...

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Charity Knit/Crochet Opportunity

The local Emergency Department that I work in is hosting the "Kelly Murphy Memorial Hat/Scarf/Mitten Tree" this upcoming Holiday season.

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Claiming My Name

I am Thor.

Thundering. Loud. Powerful. Kind of Obnoxious...

I am reclaiming my name.

- formerly WJBDineen

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Tea Cozy FO

My partner's best friend, Ted ( from Toronto and his legally wedded husband, Mich ( (Canadians are so progressive!) came down to Saugatuck, MI for camping

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Chemo Caps

Another cousin of mine is going through chemo currently for ovarian cancer (Stage 1AC). She asked for some chemo caps.

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Taos, New Mexico

We left Colorado this morning and drove to Taos, NM. Drove over the Rio Grande Gorge... kind of a mini-Grand Canyon...

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The Wedding Shawl

Here is MMario's Faux Spanish Lace Shawl that I knitted up for my cousin Mimi for her wedding. We flew into Denver on Wednesday and drove down 285 on the west side of the mountains.

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The Forest Canopy Shawl

In addition to the wedding shawl and the mother-in-law's birthday shawl... I also whipped out Susan Lawrence's Forest Canopy Shawl for my sister-in-law, Lisa.