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Kumo Stole Pattern posted

I just got my results from my Stole Pattern and posted it on my blog for anyone that is interested...

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Posh Mitts pattern

So Donna * my friends mom* LOVED the gloves. She literally screamed when she opened her gift...I wanted to knit more of my own designs for 2010 so I think this is a good start.

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1/2 done with my mitts

so I have a skien of 2/ply cashmere/silk from Jade i figured i want some posh mitts so i broke out my size 2 and went to town...

One done...One to go!

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Floating Cable Stole

Here is it much better light lol

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so im sitting here knitting this wrap that i designed and its coming along great, just slow because of the cables. But I have over a foot done...1/8 of the way there!

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new scarf

I just finsiehd a really somple scarf...I just needed to doa quick knit projsect you know. I'm not going to block it flat, I like how it rolled up and dbl'd itself over...

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A very odd donation indeed...


Now that I have said that...and I know that they are probly setting on

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Gift scarf project...

Since I had a stash that was eating my house, I decided months ago that everyone that donates to Life Cycle this yere would get a scarf...and I am proud to say that this on going project is at the end

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I'm in the mood for a big project...

So I have ALOT of lacw weight laying around and im kinda itching to make a new shawl of something...any suggestions?

Whats your fave lace so far...

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My mail!

Sorry this took so long but Sister Sarah Femm had my laptop, her house ate it...

But you know who you are...and you know what you sent me ;-)