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Charts and Barbara Walker

Hello Gentlemen;
I enjoy the challenge of knitting lace. I much much prefer to do it from charts. I find written instruction not to be my thing. I also love many of the lace patterns collected by Barabara Walker, especially in her first two collections. Does anyone know if there is a collection of these patterns that have been charted -- a book, a site, a group, a DVD?


Hi Guys. I have just been dipping into June Hiatt's exhaustive (and exhausting) tome "The Principles of Knitting" and in a section where she is talking about picking up stitches she mentions a 'cro-needle'. I had never heard of such a thing before and I looked it up. It seemed like such an obvious and brilliant idea that I immediately wanted one (some?). Any of you folks got one? I am not sure where to get them. Addi seems to have a set of 'clicks' but I am thinking you also need to buy the addi needle set to have the knitting needle part for the other end.