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I am interested in getting a swift, but since it is not the sort of thing you can amble into your local Zeller's and pick up, I might have to order it.


I know this is old hat to most of you guys, but I just did something in my knitting that I have never done before and I feel like celebrating. lol. I am knitting a waistcoat with a lot of cabling.


I just sent my sister a sweater which I knitted. The problem is, somehow I screwed up on the size and the arms are way too wide and floppy. I really don't have either the heart or the skill to take it all apart and try again so the question is: "Do I cut my loses and tell her to give it to someone with really fat arms?" :-) Or, "What would happen if I turned it inside out, got a sewing machine, ran a seam a few times up the inside of the arms and then cut off the excess?" I know, it sounds horrible to everyone's knitting soul but that is about all I could face doing at this point.