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Moving, questions, and yarn giveaway

Hi. It's been a while since I have posted anything. Knitting has not been my priority. I just finished my orthotic and prosthetic technician training at school (in Minnesota) and have a job lined up in Syracuse, New York. I was wondering if anyone on this site lives in Syracuse, New York? And if anyone has leads on places to live? I have begun to look for places to live on craigslist. And since I am packing and planning to move, I can not possibly move with all my yarn. So is anyone interested in a large grab bag of an assortment of good yarn.

A hat, socks and cold weather

Hi. It's been awhile since I've posted anything. I've been knitting more lately since this Minnesota weather turned brutally and bitterly cold. The weather inspired me to take up my needles and finish a hat. Yesterday I cast off the top of this striped black and dark grey stocking hat. When knitting the stripes, I used a "jog-less" technique of knitting into the stitch below when at the start of the second round of the new color. I was pleasantly surprised by the results...I'm also slowly working on sock number 2 of a pair, knit with Opal yarn. The colors remind me of warmer weather.

A New Year and Question for All

Hello all who read this. Happy New Year. Aside from a scarf and mittens, I will admit I haven't done much knitting this past year. My focus has been on training/school at the community college getting a prosthetic technician diploma. I was a bit unsure of things at the beginning. But now I am glad I am sticking with it. Like any new venture, there are a multitude of new terms, tools, and skills to learn and understand. I have just one more semester of school left. I know finding a job will be the tough part, but I am prepared to pound the pavement hard and to move if necessary.

Why knitting? And where do your inspirations come from?

Hi all. Every now and then, I ponder broader questions related to knitting. These questions could easily be applied to any other creative, artistic activity....How do people get inspiration for their next knitting project? How do people stay motivated to keep on knitting? Why do people knit in the first place?...Why choose knitting in particular? Why not weaving, painting, writing, dancing or working on crossword puzzles? What inspires one to knit? The colors and textures of the yarns at the local yarn shop? The challenge in learning a new stitch pattern? A love of fiber in general?

Neck warmers, socks, and my future

Hi all. When I haven't been in school, I have finished a neck warmer using spare worsted-weight yarn on #10.5 circular needles. Hopefully this will be for next winter (and colder weather). And last week I bought a newly published sock book "The Sock Knitter's Handbook" by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott. It has clear photos and nicely illustrated step-by-step instructions on making different cast-ons, ribs, heels, and toe constructions. It's full of lots of tips and information on sock knitting. I am using the book to knit more socks.

The Humble Washcloth

Hello all. Since January, my main focus has been on my prosthetic technology classes which are going very well. Each day I am learning so much. Knitting is not my main focus these days. At the end of my long day, I sit and knit a couple of rows for about 5 minutes before falling asleep. I have been making very simple cotton washcloths (using garter stitch, seed stitch, and linen stitch). Nothing complicated or fancy. But I think I will actually use these. It's a very utilitarian project.

A New Beginning

Hi. Happy New Year. Hope all of you had a good holiday. On Monday, I start Prosthetic Technician classes at the local community college. Knitting will take a back seat to my school work and new training. I have to put the yarn physically out of reach. There are about half a dozen things I'd like to knit and techniques to learn and practice. I'll probably just have time to knit one tiny row a week. Anyway, once school is over, I hope to have a bit more time to knit....Onward everyone whatever you knit or do.... Cullen

"BO" question

Hi everyone on this site. Hope all of you had a good holiday....This past weekend, I started knitting a pull over vest based on the basic one outlined in Ann Budd's "The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns". I am starting to work on the arm holes and neck line. In the pattern, she indicates to "BO" but doesn't suggest "bind off" techniques. Can someone recommend some good "bind off" techniques here for a good clean edge? I just looked up "bind off" on wikipedia and there were several different bind off methods listed. Do people have their favorite or most reliable ones they use?

Feeling like a Beginner

Hi all. Time flies. Two weeks until Christmas. I have been learning and practicing Barbara Walker's 2-color slip stitch "Mosaic" technique. My local yarn store had a fun small two sided bag project using Ms. Walker's technique. The sides were attached using the I-cord bind off. It could be a small bag (or a fancy pot holder). It was the prefect size to practice on.