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New Pattern

Here is a picture of a a knit and purl "checkerboard" pattern I am starting on... 4 knit 4 purl repeat....I like the texture and pattern. I am using Cascade 220 yarn on number 5 needles.

First 3 Color Hat- a good learning experience

Hello all- Since Christmas, I have been working on learning how to use two colors in the same row in a basic hat. This has been a good exercise for me- practicing holding 2 colors in each hand, stranding the unused color in the back, keeping the tension even...Last night I decreased to the top of the hat...I had to rip this part of the hat out 3 times (frustrating but I guess this is part of the knitting process)...The sad part is the hat is finished but is too small...I need to add about 12 stitches to the brim to have a better fit. This finished hat would fit a large child.