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Ok, I finally took a pic of the sweater....just have about 7 inches of sleeve left so if I actually work on it instead of constantly switching to other things, I should have it done tonight :)


Well, it has just been a hell of a long time since I have posted anything on here. I have still been working on stuff, still working on the Andoa sweater and just have to pick up the last sleeve.


Well, I have gotten a start on my first sweater...It is Andoa by Berroco. So far I love it, it is such an easy pattern, although so far it has been straight knitting...I know that once I get past the armholes I am going to have to pump you guys for some help (no that is not and exchange of services :) )

This will be the first project that I have worked on that will call for picking up stitches or decreases...soooooooooo.