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Signature Needles

I've been drooling over signature needles for years. However, I have never been up-close and personal with their circulars. Does anyone know if they are good for magic loop? I'm thinking about asking the Hubby for a set for my birthday.

Fair Isle Help

I have just started a new fair isle project where I'm changing to two different colours of yarn every three rows. What's happening is that I'm getting little gaps where I change yarn. Is there a way to avoid this?



Shetland Lace vs. Estonian

Well, I'm falling into the world of lace more and more (I still blame MMario) and I'm trying to tease apart the different styles of lace. Currently, I'm looking at Shetland and Estonian lace. My current thinking is that the differences appear to be in regional styles rather than stitch patterns. However, I'm not sure. I can't find a resource that specifically states this; so, my next thought is that there is a lot of cross over between the two, possibly from trading, etc., and that there might be some stitches that are unique to each area.

Provisional Cast On Preference

I'm just curious. If you were working on a project with a provisional cast on, would you rather pick up stitches and knit the next part from the bottom or knit the next piece separately and then graft the two together? Personally, I'm tending toward the grafting bit but, again, I'm just curious as to others' preferences.