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The Sweater Didn't Fit.........

So, I finished my first ever sweater this weekend (EZ's Seamless) and doesn't fit. Uggh!

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How to Contain the Knitting?

Well, when this knitting hobby started, My stuff took up a small corner on the edge of a desk. Now, it has taken up the entire desk and another table.

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DPN Hell!

So, I have been working on a hat and things have been going fairly well until I had to move it onto the DPNs.

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So, I've been catching up on reading members' blogs and I noticed that a fair amount do their own spinning.

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Continental vs. English

The first time I saw continental knitting, I thought "you have got to be kidding." Being right handed, I couldn't deal with having to work with my left hand.

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Done at last...The Noro Scarf

So, I took Skip's advice and made "The Noro Scarf." What great material to work with. One of my dogs already covets it. Although, I don't think she wants it for warmth.

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Yarn Recommendation

So, I really like the way cashmere feels. Any good recommendations of a cashmere yarn that would be good for a scarf and won't break the budget.



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Learning by Mistakes

You know, I love this method of learning. I try to impress on my students that it's okay to make mistakes in math.

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Weight Gain and Knitting

I think I'm going to have to temper my knitting. I've bagged the gym to come home and knit everyday but one this past week.