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&*%$^*# Pattern Books!

School is out and summer still has not arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. People have been calling this month Junuary. It was a sweltering 59 degrees yesterday. Of course, this makes for perfect knitting weather.
Well, my brain said, "Hey, Hunnicutt, take that $50 gift card to Powell's and by yourself a bunch of really cool knitting books." For once, I agreed with my brain and off I went.

Dutch and My First Attempt at Spinning

This is Dutch and is our newest family member. Now that all of his sibs have gone off, he has definitely become the center of attention in the house. He is huge for being just ten weeks old. He can go up and down the stairs, eat out of the adult food dishes (they are raised) and lift his leg when he pees. We are so proud of him.