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My boss

My boss was in my office yesterday and my socks were showing because I had legs crossed with my ankle up on my knee. He admired my socks and they happened to be a pair that I'd made and I said so and offered to make him a pair. His reaction was so funny. First let me say I love my boss, he's a great freind and he has helped me out a great deal over the years but he was so taken aback by the fact that I knit. I thought he knew, I talk about it all the time. I'm never, I mean never self conscious about knitting, it's been a part of my life for over thirty years.

Firefly Foxmore Scarf

I fianally found time to photograph and post this little ditty. It was a fun continuation of my love affair with Elite Classic's Firefly yarn. It's a Rayon/Linen bland and great to work with and really illustrates the magic of blocking. I really like this lace pattern, simple and elegant.

Process or Result Oriented

The gender survey that Joe found started me on gender theory of my own. While generalizations are always dangerous, I have a pretty strong feeling that the mjority of men knitters are more process oriented while women are more result oriented when it comes to knitting. Most of the women knitters that I know neither know or care why a stitch does what it does and they rarely indulge in knitting theory. They want to get the job done and wear it. Where as most of the men that I know are far more interested in the process of knitting and the finished product is really secondary.

Estonian Lace

This is the only piece that I've tackled so far from "Knitted Lace of Estonia". I'm generally not into fussy lace patterns, that is lace with lots of gewgaw and scallops and such but this Estonian lace has me very intriqued. Nupps look like they would be fun. This is the Raha Scarf, its pretty simple, no nupps, but it was a lot of fun and I like its geometry. I think for my trip to Mexico project I'm going to attempt the "Lilly of the Valley Scarf". It's exquisite with lots nupps.


How do you all handle requests? I'm running into trouble saying yes too often when I really want to say no. I hate repeating myself so if someone asks, can you make that in whatever color, it makes me cringe but I usually say yes and put the project I really want work on on hold. My mother is the worst offender by the way. It's so hard to say no to my mother, impossible actually. So give me some words to protect myself.


If anyone is looking for a quick knit up stocking stuffer these are great. The pattern is from The Knitting Man(ual) and is done in some left over sock yarn (Socrates - Alpaca with Twist.) I can knit them up in a couple if nights and people love them.