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Miniature Leaf Lace Curtain

This is the first of two lace curtains I'm knitting - well, I've just started the second. It is knit on Addi Turbo size 10 needles, with Grace mercerized cotton. The lace pattern is one from Knitting for Dummies...some of the other curtain patterns I have seemed to be more complicated than I can currently handle, so I opted for something simpler.

The Fog Sweater

This is the first sweater I've knit, since I took up knitting about a year ago. The yarn is Cascade merino, and is very, very soft and warm! The pattern was well-written...and free (it's on Ravelry)!

I've asked my LYS to order me some yarn for my next sweater, so for the next two weeks I get to work on my lace kitchen curtain.