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l.a. knitters fro haiti

hey guys,

this saturday the local chapter of project linus is asking for a one-day crank out blankets for haiti children. we are meeting in pasadena.

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help - advice

i am adding collar to double ribbed raglan cardigan sweater and just can't seem to make it look right as thought the ribs were continuing up through the collar. i need to pick up some stitches up the side of neckline (not many) but all-in-all i have too many stitches on needles left over from making neckline (back, front sides, sleeves, plus seams) so i have to reduce and have a 2x2 rib and can't figure out how to do that "seamlessly"


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surgery update

hey all,

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health update

thanks again for all the warm kindness shown toward my health. the update is 6 long hours of surgery, none of which i remember, were apparently successful.

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OT request

i am going for major surgery on wednesday and realize the kindness of this site would feel supportive.


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OT captcha

does this happen for anyone else. i post the correct answer and it tells me i can't add or (something close to that)? second times, it goes through

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OTC supreme injustice

california state supreme court just upheld the right to amend the state constitution by a simple majority ballot measure. wtf. i am still legally married. my younger gay brother, nope.

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some squares for jason

finishing up with some squares. more to block.

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queen anne's lace shawl

finished a gicft for my aunt's 80th bday. it's hand dyed silk on size 8s and came out to about 48 inches in diameter form a little over 1100 yds of lace weight silk

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asherton reversible scarf

just finished in between project for friend's bday gift. it was free download found at designed by s.m. kahn