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New project and lessons learned

After finishing the Christmas knitting, my wife has corralled me into doing a couple of baby blankets for friends who are expecting. Funny how she's gone from skepticism and sometimes outright mockery when I first picked up needles to now drafting me for any gift which presents itself.

In any event, a picture of the WIP is attached (I must get a camera that takes clearer pictures rather than doing this with my cell phone), and working on it has taught me a few things (and doesn't any worthwhiile project teach us something?):

WIP--Liesel scarf

A few months ago, when I was first picking up needles, discovering this site, and posting with complaints that I couldn't even cast on, much less knit anything, a few guys here had done this scarf. I remember looking at pictures thinking how incredible to be able to make something so beautiful, and not thinking I would ever be able to do that (as I couldn't even cast on, much less knit anything).