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You go without internet access for a week, and look what you miss

I'm not sorry I had a brief vacation, but I do seem to have missed quite a bit around here.

My first lace shawl...finally!

About, oh, six months ago or so, I posted regarding the lessons my first lace project were teaching me. As I recall, MMario chastised me at the time for not posting any pictures.

Times are hard...

...but the desire to knit continues.

New project and lessons learned

After finishing the Christmas knitting, my wife has corralled me into doing a couple of baby blankets for friends who are expecting. Funny how she's gone from skepticism and sometimes outright mockery when I first picked up needles to now drafting me for any gift which presents itself.

In any event, a picture of the WIP is attached (I must get a camera that takes clearer pictures rather than doing this with my cell phone), and working on it has taught me a few things (and doesn't any worthwhiile project teach us something?):

Do men wear knit things?

After getting my Christmas knitting pretty much wrapped up, I was talking with my wife, and she asked if I was going to take a break from knitting, or what my next project was going to be.

Blocking done and items shipped

Thanks to all, especially Tallguy, for your support during my blocking ordeal. Everything turned out beautifully.

Block Party Tonite!

Pray for me, boys...

Blocking question

Is there a rough estimate as to how much a piece will "grow" when blocked?

WIP--Liesel scarf

A few months ago, when I was first picking up needles, discovering this site, and posting with complaints that I couldn't even cast on, much less knit anything, a few guys here had done this scarf. I remember looking at pictures thinking how incredible to be able to make something so beautiful, and not thinking I would ever be able to do that (as I couldn't even cast on, much less knit anything).