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Just finished work and headed on vacay! Off to New York for opera and knitting and other fun times!

Merry Christmas to all!

Knit On!


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Rosa's Market Bag

Made for my friend Rosa who works at my LYS, The Purl District. She loves pink and chose the color and Corntastic yarn (yes, 100% made from corn.) The pattern calls for hemp yarn and the Corntastic

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Men's Fall Knitting Retreat

The Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat that was held in NY sounded like a blast and I’m bummed I couldn’t be there.

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Black Sheep update

I wrote a post about the Black Sheep Festival last week, attached a picture and before I could post it, it was swallowed up by the cyber demons! So here is a shorter version now that I am calmer.

I’m always afraid to start buying yarn, especially at a fiber fair as there is so much that looks yummy and like it wants to come home with me. I also get overwhelmed by the colors and the textures – I get nearly immobilized, which is good because not being able to move means that I can’t reach for my wallet. I also talk myself out of buying this particular skein because their might be something a little better at the next stall.

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Black Sheep

Are any of you Oregonian/Washingtonian guys going to the Black Sheep festival in Eugene this weekend? Interested in meeting up at some point?