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Two of my squares for Jason

Well, I sent these about a week ago so hopefully they'll reach Kyle sometime soon!

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Visiting LA / Las Vegas

Hello all you US MWK

I'm coming to LA for the first time since the late 80s.

What should be top of my must see list as a Brit tourist?
Are there any yarn stores that I can check out?

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Where's my b***dy yarn?


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Sock 1

This is one out of two and my first try... I'm rather proud of it. The sock that is... not the foot!

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Sock it to me baby!

OK I've been putting it off. I've bought sock yarn, a new set of DPNs AND I've now bought a small circular suitable for sock knitting.... so now I've no excuse not to start my first pair of socks.

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My partner brought home all of this!

Its nearly all acrylic DK! He doesn't really know what he's doing when if comes to fibre... but it was a sweet thought. He is a theatre designer and the wardrobe were going to throw it all away.

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MOTHS!!! Help!!


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Here is is being blocked...


I'm quite proud of this so thought I'd post a few pics.

Sometime soon I'll have to package it up and send it off to its new owner... I shall be sad to see it go.


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The lace shawl that made me cry...

... is FINISHED!! Yay!

I'll post a pic when its being blocked.

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I'm going to cry ...

I started a lace shawl project... its complicated... a 30 line pattern, with beading.