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remove marker, slip stitch, replace marker. Why?

Men's Fingerless Gloves

What a ditz! I was so excited about finishing these gloves that I made the post and didn't include the photos. I feel I've worn them out since then. Houston has had unseasonbly cold weather.

Finished Men's Fingerless Gloves Finished

I looked at my notes and saw that I started these gloves last December 2010 - almost a year. I'm so excited to finish these! My first pair of gloves.

Thanks for all the advice!

Men's Fingerless Glove

Not enough length between beginning index finger and body of glove. It's pulling the wrist up. Guage. Guage. Guage. Thumb is okay.

Norwegian Stockings - from Nancy Bush Folk Socks

These are the stockings I mentioned in the previous entry. Yeah, I need to learn how to proof before submitting.

Thanks for the grea welcome.

I started to send individual messages but realized I wasn't really sure if I was doing it correctly, so, thanks for the great welcome!


Hi guys. Wanted to do this for ever ... and now I have ... I've been knitting for years, but I've never done it consistently enough to get very fast. Mostly I've done hats ...