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experience felting?

Hi guys,
Does anybody have experience knitting for felt? I want to make about 180x60cm of felt. Any experience with shrinkage and what stitches felt up best? Is a pattern recognizable after felting? Should it be knit tight or loose?

Tabi Socks

Does anybody have any experience knitting those Japanese tabi socks that have a single cleft toe? Any recommendations on a good pattern?

yarn sources?

where do you guys look for quality yarns?

Lace inquiry

I've seen some lace around and I'm on a quest to find the pattern of this unnamed pattern. I haven't see the lace up close, so please forgive my bumbling descriptions.

How fast is "fast"?

A profile on here boasts that a particular knitter knits really fast. How fast is that? Can anybody beat 2 stitches per second?

check this out:


scarf sketch

Okay, MrMFMY. here it is. there was a second page, but it got lost somewhere in the ether... it was just a crude(r) sketch of an idea for the border.

lego knitting machine

too cool.
a buddy showed me this:

two projects on hold. starting niebling

so one project (stor rund dug) is on hold waiting for more yarn to arrive.


Hey guys,
new to this forum and enjoying exploring.
and definitely stoked to find a venue for dudes who rock with needles.