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Help... I want to do shopping

Hi all, can anyone help me, I do want to buy a t- shirt from the shop here. BUT do I need to be a member of Cafe Press? I am already a member into......

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Hats....I enjoy to make hats

Here is my two latest hat designs in knitting and create yarn is great fun, I take 20 cm of one colour ,1 one meter of another, a bit of something else.......

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Long time ago....

Hi all It is such a long time since I have been posting here. I am still knitting, the project in Lebanon is now running and I have been busy in designing. I will post some photos here.

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For Elise- in Lebanon

Here is the Kont scarf that I have made for Elise in Lebanon. She is 5 years old and like colours. It is knitted in wool.

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I have finished the "Kont- scarf"

Hi a while ago I posted that I had started a "Kont" scarf. Here is the photo and I finished it long time ago. It is knitted in lambswool and silk.

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HereI am in another waistcoat I made out of my graphic print, that I told about earlier. It was exhibited in an art gallery among other things I had knitted out of this pattern.

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MWK- scarf exchange- can anyone tell

Since I am new here, I notis there is something called MWK- scarf exchange. Can anyone tell me what this is about? Is it possible to join?
All the best from TrondE

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A graphic print becomes a jacket


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Hi everyone

I am so happy that I found this site. At last, men that like to work with textile fibers. Hopefully I will learn how to post photos.