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Forgotten FO's

I finished this and one other Scarf last Winter and never posted them. The noro, thanks to those who have done one, was inspired by many and is my favorite scarf.

Thank you to Budur! Couer de le Creme.

It's official! I am a fiber freak!

Scarf Exchange - One more belated

A belated thanks to my spoilee. When I first got the scarf, I thought, it's beautiful; but, thick. When will I ever use that?

I want to do a lace project but...

When I try to find lace, or ask my LYS about lace, all I get is a blank stare.


Can I get a few examples of the kind of goodies people are sending with their scarf exchange?

Scarf Exchange

Well, I've finished the scarf for my spoilee; but, I've yet to hear from them. So, if you haven't written you may be the one...

Noro Sunset

I was knitting in the park last night; I'm about 3/4 finished with my Noro Scarf and wanted to take a picture of it; although I thought the scarf competed with the sunset, I decided not to chance it.

My Noro Scarf

Inspired by the NORO scarves I'd seen here, I started my own. I am about 1/3 through it. It's my first project using a special mix yarn and a first object made exclusively for myself.

FO: Felted Pink Bag

I've been promising to make my daughter something since I started knitting. I finally got around to it. I'm surprised at how fast it went, and the vine and leaf were fun.

Thank you! Found it!

OK, thanks to everyone who looked; I finally found it (picture from their website). With help from suggestions made, I went to the local Barnes & Noble's which has an amazing knitting & crocheting magazine selection (20+ magazines) and found the pattern.
So again, thanks to all for your help; now I'll add it to what I'm working on and with hope will finish before she changes sizes (did I say that?) More a comment on how slow I knit than her, trust me. Still I feel motivated.