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Getting Lion Brand Yarn in Turkey updated

Update 5/1

I received the following email from Lion Brand Yarn this afternoon:

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First Intarsia Project

I finished this scarf a couple of weeks ago, but haven't gotten around to getting the pics off my camera card until today.

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Martha Stewart's Yarn Show airs tomorrow

Just to let you guys know that Martha's airing a yarn show. As part of it, I think she's going to the Lion Brand factory to have designers show how they come up with new yarns.

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deciding on next project

As I knit one project, I'm always thinking about the next 2 or 3 projects and I find that I get my ideas for next projects in different ways. I'll see an interesting stitch pattern, some yarn from my stash finally 'speaks' to me, or I'll see a design that gives me some ideas.

At the moment I'm finishing up one project and have been swatching ideas for my next one and I was wondering what you guys do in figuring out your upcoming projects?

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Diagonal Striped Bathroom Rug

I finally finished my bathroom rug. I started last Fall on a coiled version, ripped it out twice and found this stitch to use instead.

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Noro-inpsired scarf

I bought the dark variegated yarn in Alaska a couple of years ago and wasn't sure what I'd do with it.

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Hi everyone

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I've been reading this blog for a while, but have been really lazy in not posting any of my projects, etc.