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Getting my knitting mojo back

So, after a particularly bad experience with someone, I discovered that besides leaving me emotionally depleted and having my trust in people damaged, I have lost whatever it is that fuels my desire to knit. It's been 2 months and I just can't bring myself to pick up my needles at all and work on anything. Any suggestions on what would get the fuel back on the fire and reignite my passion for knitting? My friend just got back from TNNA and she thinks that some of the goodies she's brought back for me and stories she has to tell will help. I don't know.

Cognitive Dissonance...

Cognitive dissonance is that uncomfortable mental feeling you get when you have two conflicting ideas at the same time. I am feeling this right now. The conflict is between my desire to not spend too much money on anything that isn't a necessity and the fact that my LYS is having a HUGE 50% tent sale with all kinds of great yarns.

I am trying to convince myself that yarn is a necessity, and while in some ways it is, I know that in the overall grand scheme of things it isn't as I still have quite a stash full of yarn at home waiting to be used.